Thursday, March 11, 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is

A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.
~George Moore

Time and again, I find myself longing to pursue all things I have wanted... all things I have long since dreamed for. But when I stop to think about how much their achievements bring me such pride and joy, I quietly smile and tell myself everything's more than worth it.

It's exam week for Lian. We worked much harder today than we did yesterday. Math is her weakness, the rest are ok as long as she does not get careless (like I always was). Dylan's was a week ago and I already have my proof of excellence with scores shouting "You're a Winner Mom!" hahaha ;)

I'm sure the commencement would be another proud-momma event for me. :D

Having finished off an article, I had the urge to look through profiles...

Then somewhere along somebody's album-not sure what got me thinking but my hyper-active mind brought "success" to my attention. I remembered what I thought about a supposedly
inspiring article I have just edited about success being all about happiness and not how huge your net worth is. Hmmm... while reading, I thought the author was just defensive - maybe he was frustrated and sometimes it's easier to crack philosophical whatsis to make up for the failures. Well, I do so a lot. And when the frustration reaches neck high, that'll be the time you'll hear some guru out of me. Ask my friends, I'm a natural pilosopo. Hehehe.

Kidding aside, I do get deep and philosophical at times like these.

I have had plans. Well we all should do. But somehow, somewhere, the trip went bad. These past few months have been the most financially challenging days of my married life. :) So plans changed... again.

But I have faith that my time will come. For now, I've got to make the most of what I have. I have a home with beautiful, bright kids that gets me my dose of everyday natural high - good or bad trip, i love them. So far, in my lifetime knowing how good my kids are doing is one of the best
feelings I have ever felt. It always wants to make me cry.

o, while everybody is out there making a name for themselves and chasing the rainbows of their dreams that they believe would complete their being. I remain at home, enduring the pains and lavishing at the joys of motherhood. At least I am whole.

Soon I will be chasing rainbows, but let me build the foundations for them first. And when that time comes when I get to pursue my dreams, I would be doing that without a worry in mind.
Their success is mine, and I know the time will come when I get to make them proud as they have made me so.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

You are My Sweetest Downfall

"don't depend on anyone in this world.. coz even your shadow leaves you when you're in darkness" a text message from Shayne Vergara

There's nothing romantic here to read... really. :)

It all started out with a text message. Forwarded or not, I loved the thought because it speaks highly of truth.

It brought me years back, to when I was this young idealistic friend. I've always prided myself to be one great friend, though nobody really said so. hahaha This has always been how I saw myself. I was the type to leave everything, even defy my parents if I have to, just so I could run to an ailing friend's side. That was me... always ready to charge in defense if anybody who I call a friend.

You see, we grow up. A lot of things change. We learn a lot... and I did, the hard way as I am not one to easily change. Stubborn as a mule, they say.

As I went through the harshest of life, I have... at a point in my life, lost faith in friendships.

But this borne optimism in my heart, not sadness.

I don't know how I got to think about the song, Samson. Probably because through it all, though we now live a life far apart from each other... I draw strength from that brave, happy side of me. And it was you, friend, that nourished the seed that made me into the beautiful bloom that I am now.

You will forever be a part of me... long after history has forgotten us.

And I realize that this is enough.

"You told me I was beautiful and you came into my bed
Oh you cut my hair one night
A pair of dull scissors in the yellow light
And I told you that you'd done alright

You are my sweetest downfall
I loved you first, I loved you first
Beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth
You have to go, you have to go
My hair was long when we first met"

I love you and forever cherish the good times... I pray we have more...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dec. 15, 2009

Davao City Special School

Surprise! Surprise!
What I knew was that Lian was among the angels... period.

Arriving late, and everybody waiting (hehehe), I was surprised when she went straight to the front. Oh, me! My pretty baby- Allysa Beyoncé (Lian), was the emcee. I was never good at speaking publicly and I was so happy to see her reading the script hahaha.

After the long formality, then came the presentation of the whole class. Again, she was in front holding the wand I made her, in silky white.. hair braided around her head like a double halo next the golden piece she was wearing. With feathery wings stiff against her back, she started to prance along the floor waving her wand as she goes round and round. Then she stopped by her teacher's side then again... she read.

She was the narrator, and from the first few lines I knew that she was the Star... the little bright star that led the wise men to the stable where Christ was born... the Star of Bethlehem.

While sitting there afront, holding my digital cam to record, I realized I have not known... All I knew was she was playing the part of an angel. Guess I'm still bad at communicating huh? :)

But nevertheless, she looked and fitted the part... she's a star... my precious star.

Here's a video of the last part of the last part of the presentation...

Dec. 17, 2009
Matina Baptist Child Care Learning Center

Another party...

Lately I've been needing some good organizing badly! Having slept by the break of dawn, I frantically woke up at 8 in the morning remembering that I have not yet gotten my boy his gift. It's been a tradition in the school that instead of kinder students exchanging gifts, moms and dads give their child a gift. Good thing my mom was by to get something and reminded me that the party was still by 1pm. Then the morning came in a blur... gotten myself busy with procrastinated tasks... (so Aweng). Lunch time, I went to Centerpoint which was just several blocks away.

Went from shop to shop, then I finally found Dylan's favorite... Bumblebee of Transformers. Waiting in line to pay, I prepared my bill... Uh oh... There were just 2 fifties, 1 twenty, and lotsa coins.. Effin engerts!

Time check: NO TIME! Dashed back to the toy alley and grabbed the very first robot that can be bought with the cash I got on-hand.

Fast forward: Got to school. Not late- but did we CRAM. (again, so Aweng).

I've always taken pride on how my bambino- John Nathaniel (Dylan), buzzes with that passion to perform. And another thing that this event made me realize was how good he was at memorization. With just several repetitions, he was able to recite back to me his part while we were practicing at home. : )

Here's the presentation:

So there was singing, dancing, speeches, even story-telling, and the meal...

I forgot all about the gift.

I dreaded seeing him frustrated!

The gifts were distributed. Then the big announcement came, "Time to open the gifts". Remote controlled cars, shiny red fire trucks... my heart sank. Then my boy came to me.. told me... "Mama pa-kiss", after that sweet kiss, he whispered his thanks. And he went running back to his friends, playing - not minding that his gift was smaller and less fancier than theirs.

I so misjudged.

God I love my kids!
Salamat Lord!

**Other videos you can watch at my YouTube Channel..

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Though we have different tastes, my Hubby and I share this love for food. We love eating out and I love trying out new stuffs and places.

On one of our out-of-town trips, I spotted Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant- situated along the rustic avenues of Lanang. Since then I've wanted to try the resto out.

The food was pricey and we got what we paid for. Yum.. yum is all I can say. :) So the food was the delicious, but the rest about Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant was not as delightful. First off, the employees were not at all attentive. However case does not apply to all as some table from ours there was this foreigner dining out- the waitress was all-out helpful but she was not as helpful when it came to catering to our orders. Do we not pay the same rate or was she hoping to get some tip? When you call on somebody, it takes too much time for them to respond and the most irritating thing about it is that they were doing nothing..

You can call the place ok- it was clean, and the seafood aquarium added a touch of market-feel (a good one) to it. For me, there was not much thought put into the Interior. The place had no personality. The tables and chairs alone were crowded enough, so much more if it were filled with people. It was hard to move around.

I believe that what you payfor dining out does not cover the food cost alone but the entire dining experience.

So, Marina Tuna Seafoods Restaurant - great food and it ends there.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

While working on an article, I researched on "tile". On the first page of Google search results, my eye quickly caught "Philippines". So I went to the website and browsed through pages... It was really interesting and the products were so beautiful that I have to share...

Photos link to their original location, so you can click on these photos to go to their website and browse for more.

You can also get to the directly through this link:
Shell Tile

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beware of Facebook Ads Scam

Earn thousands of pesos in an hour?

If its too good to be true, it probably is.

I have once come upon this ad in Facebook that you could earn heaps in an hour just by shopping and I got to this site..

Though, it was obviously a scam, I still researched on it and satisfied myself by proving the obvious. There have already been many who took the bite and got their CCs wrongly charged.

Now, I got to see not the exactly the same ad but offering the same "get-money-quick" thing, leading to the same link.



Just a few minutes ago I wrote this post, the scam FB ad is again plastered on my sidebar: Become a Clothing Buyer

At least I get to copy-paste it here before I report it... again~!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pigging out is among the most common habits of people who are depressed. But if you opt for nutritious goodies proven to help you battle away the stress and depression, you'll be breathing HAPPINESS in no time.

Though ice cream and other sugary treats are not on the list, don't fret as these healthy snacks promise to leave you not only feeling lighter, physically and emotionally but also looking better.

Citrus Fruits (lemons, oranges...)
Vitamin C boosts the mood by reducing the levels of stress hormones in the body. To better keep your calm at tough times, get your regular dose of this vitamin.

Leafy Veggies
Folic acid, the main ingredient found in these leafy veggies has been proven to enhance blood flow to the brain and reduce the melancholic feeling.

What better way to go nuts- than over nuts? (Korniks! hehehe)
Though a self-indulgent pleasure (being high in fat), nuts do their good share in upping the ante of your aura. Rich in magnesium, Vitamin E, and arginine (an amino acid) these little wonders reduce blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels lead to mood swings, so if you often get caught in such storms, watch the sugar!

Fatty Fish Friends
Our fatty fish friends like tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel are great sources of DHAs or omega-3 fatty acids. This mood-boosting ingredient not only lowers the chances of depression but also the risks of age-related memory loss. The American Psychiatric Association even recommends the intake of omega 3s for patients going through therapies and medication to ward off depression.

Dried Cherries
The magnesium, Potassium and vitamin C in dried cherries work together to restrain the body from responding to stress. Rich in antioxidants, dried cherries also promotes better health for your brain cells, avoiding memory problems and your body in general--which according to a TV ad will "Look young and feel young".

:) Mao ra!
Mao na magmulti-vitamins para... "HAPPINESS" :))