Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Las Mujeres...

I was thinking of something to write...

Browsing through the web, feeding the search engine with whatever comes to mind, finding inspiration...

I was thinking of writing on learning Spanish, which is one of my current interests when I logged into my YM and found an available ID of a long-time friend, Jonelie Laroa.

I invited her to see my blog and her response was:

joneliel: hi.i'm glad you invited me to see reminds me of the things that matter most in our lives.i will read more...promise.u are one of a kind.
aweng basco: thanks..
joneliel: just want to share this with you,i forgot the verse but the bible says it,"every good and perfect gift comes from above."they are your perfect gift.

That would be just like Jonelie, always there to boost your spirit.

I entitled this post las mujeres... the women. I am currently reading Learn to Speak and Write Spanish by Mr Sudhir Khanna. Leafing through its pages, I saw this phrase and the thought that was prompted was my high school friends.

Having had a set of friends that is really one of a kind had really impacted how I saw life. When we were younger, they, Diana Amodia, Shayne Vergara and Jonelie had been some of my many adversaries. They hated my guts just as I hated theirs. In time, some funny twists of life brought us together, creating a powerhouse of every best traits. Together with Aina Ester Narciso, Rachelle Clemente, Anne Cabaylo, and Xyza Padilla we spread artistry, intelligence, beauty, wit, humor, talent and gossip (hahaha) throughout our section and the high school.

We were exquisite pieces of a panoramic puzzle, making the picture whole with each of our uniqueness.

I always get this way when talking about people who are truly special... now you have an idea how exemplary these women are.

Now, we live separate lives, some already successful in their fields, most still struggling, as I am... Thoughts of each other may not pass our minds in a day or two... but it could never be denied that what we are today is a reflection of what great friends we have had and still has.

Miss na tamo tanan... Hinaot na magkita-kita ta...


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