Thursday, August 23, 2007

Music... Pulsing through My Veins

"If we hold on together, I know our dreams will never die. Dreams see us through to forever. As high as souls can fly, the clouds roll by for you and I..." Applause filled the air making it seem warm even in the chill of the night. And the round-faced, curly haired girl took one graceful bow after rendering her piece. A sparkling crown, the very fluffy pink gown, and an overly decorated sash made her look smaller. That was Ms. Little Sto. Nino, 1st Runner up. That was I more than a decade ago.

I never did end up as a beauty queen, nor a singer but my love for music lingers. Raised by two people who share their love for music, I grew up appreciating it more and more. I could get lost in thought when listening to a favorite song. It keeps my blues away, maintains my sanity on miserable days and turns bright into brighter.

I enjoy most types of music from hard rock, mellow, raggea, pop, alternative, rhythm and blues... and the list goes on.

I even had my daugter named Beyonce and my son nicknamed Dylan. These, after the Destiny's Child lead, Beyonce Knowles and the legend, Bob Dylan, whose popular songs became the anthems of the civil rights and anti-war movements.

I think my offsprings too have inherited my great love for music. Beyonce, now 4 years of age, though shy, loves to dance and could hit the right notes when singing. Dylan, at two loves to play toy instruments specially the guitar and loves to watch live concerts. His favorites are Bon Jovi and Queen.

Music... lives through each generation... like blood, pulses in our veins.


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