Monday, September 3, 2007


Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007, we had a family outing at the beaches of Canibad (Audanao, Samal Island). This would be the last with our Ate Yang, this year.

Having not slept the previous night, the excursion was quite a drag. But as soon as we reached the barge, the whip of sea air refreshed my dozing mind. The travel was long and not so smooth. But as soon as we passed through the city, heading to a more rugged wild, I started to enjoy site-seeing. We passed by a chapel whose name had me smile. The "Virgen sa Regla" which means the virgin of menstruation in English. I am born Roman Catholic but I still find some- practices weird, sometimes funny, blasphemy aside.

It was my second visit, yet the beaches still had that 'Wow' effect on me. The crystal clear, blue waters offers a majestic under scene even just from a few meters away from the shore. And the surrounding lush forests and naturally crafted rock formations creates a picturesque spectacle.


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