Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kaleidoscope... the Full Jigsaw

"Every color, every hue is represented by me and you."

~Francis M.

life is our kaleidoscope
with each turn,
we witness how monstrosity could pivot into elegance,
a caterpillar into a butterfly,
shapelessness to symmetry,
either way, we are there...
be it the main object... the star,
an onlooker,
a distractor, out of place,
or the piece, lying at the bottom, supporting the ones on top,
equally vital, never getting any tribute.
each of us exemplify hues...
our pilgrimage in life have marked special patterns,
and we evolve into a piece of a puzzle.
our family, friends, the community...
these are our puzzles.

Do your thing!

Make every puzzle a masterpiece!


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