Saturday, September 1, 2007

A post revisited..
Written last April 17, 2007

Life doesn't give a flying f*ck. It tortures whoever she lays her

eyes upon. And whatever hell comes your way, quit bitchin'. That's life!

Human as we are, we would do anything for the bucks. Would you beg
to disagree?


Thoughts on death writhed unto my consciousness on the day of the Black Sabbath. It really had nothing to do with religion.

My hubby and I went to Toyozu, Nabunturan for their company outing. On our way home, the van that he was driving brokedown. After the van was pronounced usable by their company mechanic,the excursion continued.

My jologs drove like a maniac, I have heard a lot of stories about how his driving was. It was only then that I have had the devirgination, experiencing his crazed driving first hand.

We nearly crashed with buses and jeepneys twice. It was intruiging. Really, because nobody dared to comment on his driving, though they were on their toes, throughout the trip. And mind you, his boss, with her daughter were on the front seats with me.

Image005The mad thing was, I dug it! Luxuriating in the feel of speed, it was empowering for me. When we nearly hit a multicab after having overtaken a bus, I thought the incident funny. Seeing the faces of the other vehicle's passengers, just a few inches from the van's front bumper, I nearly laughed out loud. They were scared to death. They must have thought I was a lunatic, observing the smile on my face.

Quite psychotic??

I believe that each person is crazy. We all have a doze of lunacy, some apparent, others not. Crazy in-love, crazed drunks, crazed geniuses, crazy parents... the world is crazy. And those who do not agree or insist on never having done nor said something crazy in their lifetime are the worst.

Enough about insanity.

"Death is an exceedingly simple concept whereas life is an exceedingly complex one. For that reason, it was absurd to believe you could define life in terms of death. Death simply isn't big enough a concept to contain the complexity of life."

Pardon me but whoever had this idea is utterly absurd.

We percieve death as nothingness. But whoever knows for sure? It could be as complex as life, even more.

But the thing is, you'd be robbed of the chance to tell when you are dead.

Death might be a beggining, in another world. If heaven or hell really exist, then we'd be filling in a spot there. Or we may become spirits or other sorts of creatures, figments of our imagination or something that had never been know to us, humans.

To reiterate, nobody would know for sure. Well, not until he gets there.

Am I making sense?







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