Thursday, September 6, 2007

today, everyday, tomorrow, forever… and a day


After mechanically wrestling another long day,

As frustration eats away,

Lianedited There's no better way to rendezvous with the after hours than coming home to...

The welcoming door opened,

Sibz The patter of happy little feet,

Welcoming voices, soft and sweet

Finding myself devoured with sugary kisses

D_legsTiny, loving arms around me, entwined

Knowing in their merry and affectionate eyes

I am most important to their innocent young lives


I pray that these moments be marked not only to my soul

But to their tender hearts as well

Knowing that they would never be mine for life

Lianma I would cherish these moments forever and B0015_1a day.

Love you lian and dylan.



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