Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Dirty Finger... Para sa aking INA

Just this weekend, the streets San Miguel was crowded not with its community members but with construction workers. They were working on the holes and all. My mom and i got into a conversation and she mentioned "hapit na man gud ang eleksyon, nagpalakas ang barangay officials". That's generally how it is here in Pinas, people see more improvements when election time nears.

I have written a post in the past months, after this year's senatorial elections and would like to revisit:

a DIRTY FINGER.... para sa aking INA

I am proud to have participated in the recent election. It has been years since I should have registered but it was just this voting season that I have felt the need for a valid ID but I still haven't got any. Sheesh, and you thought I was going to profess patriotic sentiments...

I believe that I can... YOU can, change the world. (I remember having written an essay about this and the title was like contributing to Philippine progress)

Be the best YOU, in every role that YOU play in life. Be the best commonfolk and mind whatever and wherever you throw; be the best sister or brother and teach your siblings math, not vices; be the best son or daughter and pay respect to your parents; be the best parent and raise well rounded, future achievers... Enough examples, I know that YOU get the picture.

Reviewing what was written, I sound stiff, ; ) still alive but barely kicks..

And the clock strikes 2... yes it's 2 am... and I'm boring YOU...

I am just elated that I had done ONE good deed.

Image067 And a DIRTY FINGER has been reminding me, for days now, that I have done right... a small token of love... para sa aking INANG BAYAN.

Having said that, I hope YOU try... to believe that YOU can...

I believe in YOU, so why don't YOU?

Make OUR Momma Proud!

Image072 Image065 Image066


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