Sunday, November 11, 2007


While on a jeepney ride... going somewhere... I saw two figures. Out of place...

A lola and her apo sit in the midst of a sidewalk. The child plays with an empty plastic cup while the elder woman struggles to cover up the child’s genitals.

I was hit with a wave of emotions so powerful that my eyes moistened and my breath was laborious.

I felt really bad seeing them and nobody, not even I, was doing anything to help them. So sad…

“Is poverty a choice?” A question that I read and hear often discussed in articles, talk shows, debates...

I had thought at that moment that maybe life was just cruel to them. Now I’m thinking… What if lola, in her younger years, did something about it?

She could’ve studied, worked harder, became a model parent to her children\ child? Would they be where they are now?


All of us have our own battle in life… with nature, predators, hardships, even with ourselves.

“May man ka kay mao ra na imong problema.” Response of weaklings. –

Saba diha. Ga yaya ran a imong hulagway! Paghunahuna! Pagmata!

We are prescribed with different kinds and levels of medication because we have different anatomical structures having various levels of acceptance\ resistance… dosage bah…



GOD exposes us to pain and harshness of reality because he wants us to grow. Do not envy people living simple existence for they are weak. GOD loves each and every one of us. HE is just and plays no favoritisms. That is why LESS and LIGHT trials for the weak, ABUNDANT and HUMONGOUS obstacles for the strong. (This, depending on one’s endurance)

Maybe for GOD, these problems handed to us are just brain-teasers, mind-bogglers, attention-grabbers….

We’ll never know, will we?

Being poor or slow does not suffice for an excuse to be financially, emotionally, spiritually and socially inadequate. We have both strengths and weaknesses. Use and polish your strengths to your advantage. Weaknesses should never be left as is. They’d rot and you’d stink…

Do something about them… IMPROVE yourself.

HELP yourself.

Ask for HELP.

Charity starts at HOME.


Sobrang seryus!

Being poor materially is being slow mentally…. Initiative.

“Mas labing maayo kung nay mangayo sa imo’g tabang… kaysa ikaw ang tabangonon”


To the lola, I know you have tried, but you could have done better…

To the apo, paningkamot day… Makatabang ra nang mga sinsiyo pampalit ug pan… Hantod dra lng…

I know they won’t be able to read this…

Nor will all those millions of people inflicted with poverty.

I pray that realization dawns on them now… it’s never to late…

Ug sa mga arangan, lucky for you… Don’t miss out on chances to help.


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