Friday, December 7, 2007

A text message...

Having received a text message from a friend, I browsed through my saved messages, looking for something to forward, too tired to think of some nice thoughts to share.

I found an old SMS from one of my forever friends, Shayne, dated November 4, 2007. It goes:

"It takes great courage to stand up and fight, but it takes greater courage to run away and leave things in God's hands-- You are safer in Him."

The reply was "tama :)"...

This was also what I thought of when I received this... How true.

But human as I am, there would be times when I want to fight back, and I do most of the time, which was what makes things come to their worst.

Looking back... I always felt that I was living a hard life. There was always that mean ol' voice telling me how life can be so unfair and that it is an enemy. And what I do is to bite back... An eye for an eye... And yes, you've guessed where it led me, deeper into that slump that I have just made stickier. It pays to be calm, to tame those evil impulses. It pays to readily forgive and not see an unkind deed as someone else's faults but their weaknesses. It pays to pray. It pays to have faith not only when everything's going on to your liking, but most when you are in a period of decline, when you are down, when you are lost.

As an old adage tells us, or was it a bible verse? I'm not really religious, but I'm a believer...

Walk by faith.



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