Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas still...

No that I have given vent to long withheld farts of my ever full and colorful life, I now bring back holiday cheers from the yesteryear.

From my in-law's, without Jojo at tow, (too drunk or rather lazy to get up) me and the kids went to Magsaysay Park before heading home. I was planning to let them play some hours to tire them and get them to sleep, hoping I could do the later too. :)

But it turned out that I have underestimated how much more energy they could muster. The fun has just begun...

Though not easy, I was able to convince the kids that it was time to go. At home, I tidied them up to prepare them for OUR nap. Then came my family wanting to stroll away the rest of the day. And so we went to some of the most frequented places within the fabulous city of Davao, with my cousins and Nanay.

We started off at Jack's Ridge:

The views from atop the hilly areas of Matina gave us superb views of the city and beyond.

Then the next destination was Mana--its a quite glitzy house of antiquities that has been dazzling the public with its decor and masses of Christmas lights every year. In time, it has earned a well served recognition of one of the most visited Christmas attraction.


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