Saturday, January 26, 2008

Damn Globe Broadband!

Before I had this freakin' internet line, I thought I had done my share of research well enough to choose the right provider. I have had too much complaints of SmartBro and decided to take a shot at GLobe. Unfortunately, the less criticisms that they had been getting may be due to the fact that there aren't much subscribers!

The internet should have even come with a packaged telephone line. That's what I am paying for... almost a year now, but no telephone line!

If not for their SMART-ass policies, one-year contract and all, I would have switched already from the second month that I have been availing their services... Well, its not even worthy to be called "service".


It's now Jan30. The internet has been down since the 23rd, as I called support, a recorded message welcomed me with the bad news that there were technical problems. Still, I felt the need to talk to any of their reps an I did, he told me that the internet should be stabilized by the 29th. He asked me for a contact number so that I'd be informed on whatever developments if there be. No information, whatsoever, the internet is on and off, the connection utterly slow.

I have had many really bad experiences and taking account of every single event would be costing me too much time...

Globe Broadband. Not recommended!


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