Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Davao's Controversial Baywalk

The construction of the Davao Baywalk, financed by the long-established and infamous to the conservative Queensland, had been a delight to many locals as it had presented another FREE attraction within the city. But sadly, things has come to a stop due to the fact that the financers and developers have not sought legal papers that led the deliberate hold of the development sanctioned by acting Mayor Ms. Inday Sara Duterte.

I have even heard news that the congressmen of Mindanao even wants it demolished. How utterly witless!

I would not want to dwell on crazy politics but instead give you some insights on the things that this pleasant beachfront park has in store for its visitors.

The park is made accessible by the highway adjoining Matina Aplaya and Ecoland.

Just beside the road, a small splendid fountain welcomes you. The central figure is a miniature of the humongous replica that you'll find inside and the fountain basin is perched on another pool where fishes abound. The lanes leading inside takes you to the Queensland motel when you turn right and just beyond and further left are the park area.

My family and I have had the chance to frequent the park several times, here are some shots on the fountain which unfortunately has not yet been working...

A long shallow pool fringed with grass patches and rounded shrubs direct you to the most dominant feature of the park. A peek at the clear pool water never fails to bring out some gasps as baby sharks smoothly swims through it.

At the pool's edge towering for over 25 feet is the huge imitation of one of the most popular among the statues of the world--the Statue of David originally done by the master Michelangelo. The golden replica is made more spectacular by the cast of sunshine that bathes it, at night it is dramatically illuminated by lights.

At David's left is the walled portion of the sea that is off limits to swimmers and fishers.

To David' right is the mini-zoo that exhibits some ostriches and a pair of Musang or mouse deers.

The barriers that surrounds the sea water kept at bay also serves as a narrow road that interconnects all sides.

Just straight ahead, at the back of David, is an imitation of the Little Mermaid--an iconic statue in Denmark at the harbor of Copenhagen. The statue stands at the foot of the descending platform. On high tide, the boulder that carries the little mermaid seems afloat, on low tide, gentle surfs lap at the boulder's base.

The site also offers some of the most glorious sunsets and sunrises.

Though not yet completed, this should-have-been Davao Baywalk has been barraged by locals, rich and poor. Now would it not be witless to be demolishing it?

I've managed to create a page on the SeaWall of Davao a.k.a Davao Baywalk. Please take the time to rate this attraction as well as other places of interest in Davao...

Visit the SeaWall or Davao Baywalk Page at World66

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