Friday, March 28, 2008

Africa... The Children of Yesterday's Dream?

I have long since had those fleeting musings on Africa. And in those times, these thoughts were more on the poverty stricken state that it was in, the pitiful lives that the children are leading and... safari :).

I have had written some things about traveling to Africa, and at some points in my research, I would be able to uncover some things that have brought extremities in my emotion.

Probably the largest slavery trade in the history of the world, it could be so amazing how other races could assume their eminence over other people just by judging the color of their skins. But if you really dig into the past, it would probably be in Africa where the first people were civilized and have developed political structures, vibrant culture and art, and innovative ways of doing everyday things. It is this 'continent of many worlds' which have had the largest contribution to the study of "World History".

Reading through African mythology and folklore, looking at their extraordinary rituals and ceremonies, and intensely reviewing African art ranging from the most primitive rock paintings to impressive contemporary showpieces, would lead you to conclude that the African people are amongst the most artistic and possesses among the world's most diversified culture.

But these things are mostly cloaked by the overwhelming crises, both interior and exterior, that Africa has been facing.

Most children are greatly depressed and abused. The things that African children go through in life are unthinkable. Just looking at pictures of these children, almost skin and bones, literally crawling to have some place to get water and food... being forced to resort to prostitution just to be able to attain the things that their impoverished life have seized... getting raped by HIV inflicted adults with that 'witless' notion that having sex with a virgin would cure them, and the most monstrous part is that 'the younger, the more potent the cure'...

So sad...

I pray for Africa. I pray for her children.

Some lines of the commencement song of my lovely daughter just crossed my mind... and it made me teary eyed..

"We are the children of yesterday's dream, We are the promise of the future we bring..."

The children of Africa are her most courageous warriors who in time, would win their battles.

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  1. Darlyn said...
    Thank you for the comment and compliment too.
    According to national geography children are being forced to worked because of their parents debt, pass to them up to the next generation. Pareho sad sa Philippines wla pa gi anak naa nay utang.

    And you are right we can pray for them (five thumbs up for you). Praying together heal Africa and Philippines too.

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