Thursday, March 6, 2008

Inspired by all the hoopla... :) ask Aina...

To the One You Love or to the Man Who Loves You?

And let me add 'dearly' to that..

No, I am not having an affair of any kind.

I was just reiterating one of the most common things that me and my girls often talked about when we still had time to be with each other.

Yes, who would you choose to be with?

I actually have not "chosen", mine was a case of life and death.. char lang.

But most of the men that I got mixed up with (in my single days) were more of the "who loves me". My friends often wonder how I got them head over heels over me. Hahahah. Now you're thinking I'm conceited. Well, you go ask around. < < Hehehe

Bitaw, joking aside, I never had a boyfriend that I was really, madly in love with. Men who spark something in me are rare. I have always wanted to find a male equal of "ME". But nada. So instead of going for the hunky, pa-pogies, which I so do not like, I go out with those fun loving criminals. I did, loved it, and look what it did to me?

No I am not bitter.

In fact, I would never have found the best me. Not quite because of my jologs but because of my kids who basically would not have existed without him. True.

You should never be a mirror of your dark past. Awa layo napud kaayo ko...

Cge... Cge...

So what if i have not ended up with the most ideal bachelor?

My jologs would shoot straight past hell if I'd ask him to...

What more could a girl ask for?

The most handsome son-of-a-bitch who screws every woman on sight?

Wise up! It's not the looks that determines the longevity of any relationship.

Looks fade, muscles turn to flabs...

Then what?

It's cheesy love.

Yes, cheesy.

But I love being loved.

And so I love being cheesy, and crazy...

And being everything that I am.

I have not been that much impressed with the stories of women who go trotting behind the man they adore.

And so, I vote for going after the one who love "you".

But the heck, why choose if it could be mutual?

Well, it was not within the choices was it?




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    hi elvs i have tagged you on my blog check it out ha ^_^
    Ake said...
    hi weng.. natouch ako. hehe. lavyah. hope to see you soon. Very very nice blog. =)

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