Saturday, March 1, 2008

Thoughts on Sex and Parenting

Parenting is not as easy as it seems. Children really are adorable, fun, sweet and all but unless you are up to what they are like when not in the mood... you should reconsider. Listen to your parents. The "we know what's best" often holds true.

Everybody's doing IT. With their partners in life, boy/girl friends, best friends, MUs, FCs, f*#% friends, with total strangers, some even have tried sleeping with their enemies. Most do IT with the opposite sex, some with the same sex, some do incest, orgies, three-some, four-some... Want some? ; P Animated? These things REALLY happen.

Others might think... Yuck, Ew... Yuck imong nawong!~

Nobody dies a virgin! Except for nuns, priest, and monks. Even this exception does not apply to all of the aforementioned. No offense, reality bites... but that's what life is.

In my opinion, about 10% or less of the whole populace do IT before marriage. That's not an exact figure... could be lesser. ; D

I am not advertising sex... I too have younger sisters, female relatives... even a daughter.

Most men are pigs. F*%# me if you TRULY love me... and TIWANGWANG goes the girl... I am not stereotyping... I know there are exceptions.

To women, wise up. If you can't help it, Protect yourselves! Don't cry over spilt semen. There are a lot of contraceptions available other than condoms.

Ironic... it took two to tango. After the the egg was raped by millions of sperms, women goes through hell. Pregnancy, and the most eye widening and "should be" lesson inflicting part: LABOOOOR! You go through all these and when the baby is out motherhood equals parenthood. Ontwa!?

Both the guilty parties should get involved. Its not "I am the daddy, I handle the discipline... while mommy does the diaper changing"... wa mo kuyapi! If your man thinks this way, and he's not changing, you should consider leaving him. To hell with egoistical pigs. Would you want to spend forever with this kinda man?? Would you want your child to grow up hating his no-good father??? Tough questions which entails tough decisions but forever is at stake. Still wanna risk it?

Men who help in baby-sitting are rare. Hands-on daddies are the coolest and I salute them. Go DADDYlicious!


  1. PerpetuaL bLiss said...
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    PerpetuaL bLiss said...
    "Men who help in baby-sitting are rare. Hands-on daddies are the coolest and I salute them. Go DADDYlicious!"

    -i Liked this part.. yea! i really salute men who do not consider baby-sitting a shame to their part. I'm proud my husband's like that. :) He's even closer to my baby than me.. Mas siya pa ang mubantai kesa sa akoa.. and I never hear complains from him.. In fact, he's loving it! And I'm more than happy to see them so happy together. :)
    melissa said...
    You are such a natural writer. I love reading your post. Though can't actually relate to it yet. I hope soon (LOL)

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