Friday, April 18, 2008


The Emo era started from a genre of stylistic merge of hardcore, punk rock and a bit of indie music depicting deep thoughts and emotions and evolved widely into fashion and eventually has become a lifestyle.

Just within the recent years, this "style", as some would like to put it, has been popularized world wide by Punk Rock bands brandishing rebellion, misery, hurt and death.

Thinking back, if this trend ever came up in my High School days, I would have been one those "diggin'" it.

Well, I still think the hair with those undying bangs, THE ultra dark eyeline, the punk-girly fashion and even the the music is cool... being the oddity that I am. But the message that it transmits specially to the gullible beings that abound this age-old planet is really unremarkable.

The attitude that some people associate to the term EMO has become, for me.. stupid.

Slashing wrists and all that self torturous things...

Tsk... tsk... pathetic.

Sure, you've had you're bouts with life. I, too, have craved for death many times to consume me and not bring me back into the world that has brought me pain. But when one creates a lifestyle out of self-inflicted pain, that, I think is pathetic.

EMO is really not that bad.

It just depends on how one sees it... enjoys it... lives it?


What does EMO mean to you?

Pictures courtesy of my emoterang sister... Without permission, of course. :) I can almost hear her shrieks Hahaha...


  1. Aice Nice Concepts said...
    yeah emote lang gud pag minsan minsan ^_^

    you have been tagged on my blog please check it out
    Keith said...
    I think you have beautiful offspring. I want to say it has been twenty years since I was in highschool .... OMG. Reunion soon... and I do not see any more point to artificvially bringing up emotion. God has given me plenty to be emotional about. I think it sad so many are depressed, or do things to make themselves depresserd when so many of us have found ourr way to a plkatform: have found a way to stay reasonably sane and happy in a wacky world.

    You share well. The pictures are very spirited.

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