Thursday, April 24, 2008

Live Life!


  1. TrEZa said...
    omg! u shaved ur head? wow! bilib ako syo... :)

    and yea, i kinda agree with what ur saying here.. mahirap mabuhay sa mundo ng mga "what-if's" and "what-could-have-beens"

    thanks for sharing ur blog to me nga pala.. this is nessy from friendster. :)
    Aice Nice Concepts said...
    ^_^ yeah she shaved her head alright!
    I was shocked at first and asked her what's the problem?
    and when she said "nothing" the way she said it... I sense that it was really nothing ^_^

    so I said to myself yeah! why not if you really want to do it go ahead and be happy just make sure it's not something negative or bad ^_^

    elvs you have been tagged on my blog check it out
    Dhang said...
    Im also surprised with the skin head... nice try, still look good on you...:) HAven't tried that for myself... :) maybe next time, if i could.:)

    Nindot imong blog, nalingaw ko... sulay pud ko ug buhat ako...hehe

    Live Life jud!... enjoy earth, we all will just pass by here...
    Keith said...
    I remember this one lady, a beautiful Visayan lady hated that I would shave my head, told me I had scars, that they made me look ugly, the scars looked painful... Sigh. I think we ALL need to be happy with who we are.

    I also rememb er a man telliong me that God only created a few perfect heads....the rest have hair.

    Salamat kaayo. You look beautiful with haisr. You look beautiful without.

    Come back to my blog anytime

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