Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 3, 2008: Happy 5th Birthday Lian

Born Allysa Beyonce Moral, later transferred to Basco, this pretty baby has just turned five.

As her Ninang Yani suggested, she was adoringly nicknamed Lian.

As a gift, I bought her an interesting book showcasing marine wildlife, which I would have wanted when I was a child. But the choice was hers, she was with me when we bought it and the budding, similar interest might just have been a coincidence, or not?

With a bleeding pocket, I was forced to have her relative-friends come as she has already had invited them, without me knowing. She's been excited and asking me of a lot of things so due to her insistence, I arranged a small birthday celebration. I really had no choice as guests were bound to arrive. :)

She's been to lots of parties lately, and she got the idea that I was also preparing games and those stuff.

So, I bought mini-waterguns.

Though it was not really a parlor game, as what she was expecting, the kids, and even the grown ups had a blast...

Most went home drenched.

Fun, fun, fun... Need not be expensive. :)


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