Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Post-Mother's Day Post... : )

Most people would fondly tag their moms to be..
One of the best mamas in the world.

I too..

If to choose, I would definitely want my mom over my hubby. I honestly could never imagine myself without my mom. Alongside my kids, she ranks first among the most important persons in my life.

But it was just later in life that I was able to fully realize how selfless my momma had been throughout... the day I became a mom myself.

I had been a self-centered, spoiled brat. Not much of a talker, most people assumed that I was a demure, kind-hearted and behaved child. Only my mom knows almost everything about me.. How I think, how I feel.. Sometimes, she even knows me better than I, myself do..

Living through life's complexity I had built a wall of nonchalance. Never minding what other people have to say. I once have led a life ruled by the norms of our generally stereotypical, narrow-minded society. Those were some of the most miserable days...

Now, only the words that matter are those that come from the people that I cherish, my family, close friends, specially my mom.

No phrase could perfectly capture the intensity of love that I feel. Though, in my actions, it does not always show.

Nobody could have loved me better.

Thank you for always believing...

Love you ma.

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  1. PerpetuaL bLiss said...
    very touching kaau :) we could never really realize our mom's undying efforts and unselfishness until we, ourselves, will finally experience being a mom too . :)

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