Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father Said...

One most common thing about human beings is that we tend to get back with straightening our relationship with God whenever we are faced with things that seem to be out of our league.

I, for one, went to Sunday mass for the longest time that I have not been to church. I honestly don't believe that regular attendance will assure my place in heaven, if there really is such. I just wanted to hear some enlightening words and where else do I head to? Syempre, kay Father.

Wala lang.

It was Father's Day. Most readings and thoughts were about fatherhood and other related issues.

There was just one thing that I remember caught my attention throughout the entire mass.

Father jokingly said, "The human heart is placed on the left side of the chest. So the heart is not always right."

Mentally, I corrected the supposedly funny cliche, and I quite liked the thought:

"Our hearts are placed in the center but its largest vein pulses through the left side. It tends to be getting more life out of not doing the right things."

Sounds very true to me.

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  1. SurvivorDean said...
    nice entry here...

    yeah, it's true that regular attendance in church will not assure your place in heaven!

    that's why, i learned to hate those pious people who makes feel guilty whenever i don't attend sunday's mass

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