Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ate Yang's New Pink House

A house is not a home...

Well not yet.

Before having to report to work, my ate got lucky and heard of a house for rush sale. Though there were glitches regarding the documents early on, everything got fixed before my ate could change her mind. And my ate now owns this small but comfy pink house ... Best deal..

The lot is beautifully located cornering two streets. The gate are marked with the initials LB which my lolo and kuya jojo jokingly states as representation of Lazaro Bueza, their names. Upon entering you'll be welcomed by a small terrace. The narrow space separating the gate from the walls of the house forms an L. At the left corner is the now-closed store which the previous owner has put up. On the right side lies an interesting remnant of the house's history. A child's grave... Spooky? Well not so. :) The floor inside was beautifully tiled in every corner from the living area, to the two rooms, to the dining area and a well-organized kitchen. The larger of the rooms even has its own bathroom which has a heart-shaped maroon Jacuzzi. Sosi. ;)

See a glimpse at the Jacuzzi scandal...

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  1. Darlyn said...
    hello ate..

    happy birthday pla sau..
    God bless to you and your family

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