Sunday, July 27, 2008

Belated Happy Birthday

Venue: After Dark
Time: 7pm

I came late, about 5 minutes to eight and what do I get? 30 lot more minutes of wait. It rhymes. Hehehe

Well, more beer for me. :D I would have gone out anyway even if nobody confirmed to hang out.

Though the establishment, After Dark, has long since been there since my elementary years? Not quite sure but I think if I'm wrong, the guess would still come close. The place was actually nice. Well, not the typical party place. But it was a fine choice for get-togethers... enjoying music while having a good dose of chat. The place is a superb concoction of elegance and comfort, stylish and relaxing.

I ought to have something to say, I cannot afford to bore myself to death. :)

Christine Murrillo and Iris Arkoncel had their share of jammin' with the groovy pianist. Leifredh Fernandez, sea-faring Cadette, is bound to stay for a while to pursue further studies. We had had quite a talk as he was the first arrive and soon after, Iris and Christine, Loi, Glenn, Aina, Kim and her friend pretty Alvin came. And its not a Figure of Speech, Alvin is a pretty She...

After some hours, we had a good night's walk into Matina Town Square. More hours of drunkenness and we hit the sack at Loi's place. In the morning, with my head pounding and stomach growling, I enjoyed a late breakfast with Loi and her family. The late morning was spent for more talks. Loi got a good bout of my current lunacies... Glad to be left alone with her. Its not everyday that you run into someone from whom I could get to 'really' have a conversation... not your everyday blahblah.. Salamat Loi.

The camera was getting quite drunk.. Hehehe

All Aina needs is love.. All the man that she needs?

I also got the chance to enjoy the night, and day because my beautiful cousin Geng had my prized offsprings locked up in her grand abode.

Spent and happy.

"Your lips keep on moving... but all I hear is Blah, Blah, Blah..."

That's what my shirt said and taht's what they got from me... blahBlahBlah..

Salamat nga Daghan!
Belated Happy Birthday Awengie...


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