Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A birthday get-together for me and my cousin Christian Jake L. Bueza on his birth date.

After another horrid late night scene, the day started well. At about eight or nine in the morning, our family was off to Ate Yang's house. Once there, everybody was served with generous pieces of food and fun.

Chats, music, singing, bathing and a lot more. Everybody was kept busy throughout. The younger children had another jacuzzi session. Both kids and kid at heart had a terrific time blasting off with water guns. I also brought face art make-up.

Puppies of Yuki, my Ate Helen's doggie were also present. And the cutest of them all?

As always, we had another fun time. By 5, we were back in San Antonio.

On the day of my birthday. There was not really much that I did. The greetings really made it a day more special than the average. These photos were taken on July 22:

Now how old do I seem to look? Hahaha. Do I seem old for my age? Most people wouldn't believe if I told them I am years younger than they are. Ok lang.. Wa koy labot. Hehehe. I've always looked more mature for my age. :D


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