Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Thought Worth Sharing

Days ago, while browsing through some of my Friendsters' profiles, I was brought to that of my former college professor. Her about me was very short yet, but there was something about it that stirred something in me. I really thought it was a very nice thing to share to other people and so I copy -pasted it into notepad.

This I got from Ms Aida Lou Cahayag's About Me:

"As much as i can, i conquer evil with what is good... and i never let anybody belittle my soul by making me hate them..."

I never let anybody belittle my soul by making me hate them--It's one good thing to ponder on about hate. Don't let hate get the better of you. There would always be suckers. And they would never be worth anything from you.. Be happy. At least your not the sucker.

I just wanted to post some pictures and settled for these, taken months ago. It was another day splurged at Cannibad. It was my first time to be going there alone. I had an appointment with the doctor and so they left without me. Quite an adventure, I mistakenly dismissed the habal-habal far from where I should have had. Alone, I searched my way down into the already-not-so-hidden paradise. The beach was glorious even on cloudy day. The welcome that my bambino gave me was enough to make me warm.

This gorgeous day was ended with a get-together with friends. And this just made me think about one blog that I had just visited days or weeks ago. I read a post about my friend not liking the person that she came to be.

"do i like her as much as i liked the loi before her? is she as fun-loving and carefree as before? is she having the time of her life that she used to be enjoying before? what is she thinking more now? the future or the present? and is she living it the way she wanted it to be?"

And this was what I had to say:

"People WILL outgrow whatever things they have now. Change is perpetual.

You are becoming less and less of the fun-loving and carefree person that you were once because you let changes affect you in ways that it shouldn’t have. Love yourself no matter what and the fun will follow.

Not growing is an indication of a disease, a disease in the head. A very nasty one…

Be happy loi and don’t let these thoughts get into you. You are not living life the way you want it to be for now, because you are still paving the way to a life you have in heart. You’ll get there when you get there.



Pahugs2 nq karon..

Embrace change.. it’s inevitable."

I too am trying to get somewhere. I am to pursue a quest that will break my heart but satisfy my frustrations. I'm not talking Romantic here. Duh! Well, I'll get there when I get there.

MamAweng loves you... Lian and Dylan

...so much.


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