Saturday, September 20, 2008

Atypical Sunday: Series 2

Though not as uncommon as we've already had early Sundays spent walking but there was quite a long lapse before we did it again last Sunday. That day, we walked from Matina to Bankerohan. I was not planning of taking pics, but as we were going through the B'kerohan bridge, I just had to. :)

^^Sweaty me and Hubby. Walking through the Generoso Bridge (its official name ) that has fallen down, fallen down, fallen down.. But its now in great condition.. Because GMA Cares? With the later painted on both ends of the newer side of the bridge which was overlapped with vandals>> OUST!

In the market, we did what we obiously went there for, bought.

And heading home, in the jeep, I took just one more shot where the route turns to the left and into an intersection and out towards the birdge and into Matina. :)


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