Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Atypical Sunday

Several days back, news about the 5 to 5 power interruption was abuzz. The night before, my mama and nanay again reminded me. And true to the disemminated information, the electricity went out by 5am. By that time, hubby packed to get the kids to my in-law's place.

Atypical.. yes..

I didn't come along to sneak some hours of sleep. Having gotten enough rest to keep up with the long day ahead, I got goin..

On the way:

The best thing, and probably the only good thing about the house's location is you get to see a whole lota different scene just behind my in-law's place. See:

I could go spenda good number of hours a day looking at vast , green lands. I love to just take a comfortable spot and conjure thoughts while at it.

In the house, the photo below best illustrates what I've been at, and that would be reading a book I've brought while watching the kids. We were enjoying a CD- concert of Bon Jovi. :) The kids indulged with M&M's.


And a lame attempt at sunset: hhehehe


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