Friday, September 12, 2008

Friendster: Not as Friendly as Before

With the growing popularity of Friendster comes the barrage of users. Recently, many new features have been introduced (applications like that of Facebook). Both these factors have given way to the gazillions of BUGS arising.

Is the Friendster Team not capable of keeping up with the user and data overload?

If you try to browse through the forum, specifically:

Forums Home→Friendster→Site feedback / Suggestions

You'll see a lot of reports on bugs and other FS issues.

And here are several that I have encountered:

* On Groups:

Everytime I visit Whatever group, and browse through... I always get this message:

Invalid Input
You have followed an invalid link. Please notify the webmaster how you got here.

Do I have to contact the webmaster each and everytime? Like I've already done the contacting ages ago.. and now, it got worse...

Months ago, everytime I post a reply to some topic I get this message, then some time later I go back to the page, and see multiple replies that was posted by me (which I thought was not posted since I got the error message)

Now?! Even if I just try to read any discussion... I automatically get this..

* Going through posts in Forums:

Error Message:

There was a problem displaying this page.
Page being viewed: /forums/PH/topic/list/11/page/3
Please use the back button on your browser to continue.

* I wanted to delete a post authored by me:

Failed to delete post.

* I've already posted like alot but everytime I check, it takes several minutes before posts appear...

Aren't forums supposed to be updated real-time?

* Forum:

I was about to reply but found out that this has been deleted.. does the topic still need to appear even after the poster has deleted it?

* Trying to post:

Post flood triggered. Please try again in 15 second(s)

And here is a thread from the FS forum with the last reply posted by moi which pretty much sums up what I have to say:

posted: 09/5/2008 2:18 pm
1 posts

What happened with friendster? Is it get worse?
I recently want to add my friend [1 person only] and I press invite button from "Invite your friends from your address book". What happened next was all email addresses from my address book showed up with check marks on it. I tried to cancel it but I could not find [if any] the "Cancell All" button, so I had to click remove from each emails.

I tried to look for support in FAQ but nothing mentioned, so I click "Send us a Question" and start typing my problem and I click "Submit Question". Later it showed Email Address Confirmation page, so I filled it in and press "Confirm Address" button. You know what happened next? It tells: Email Address Already Exists. The email address you provided is already in the database. What the f..k is happening with Friendster???? I think Friendster is getting worse now. Too bad.

posted: 09/7/2008 3:11 am
7 posts

RE: What happened with friendster? Is it get worse?
no. no. no. the invite button e-mails the person's email adress to JOIN FRIENDSTER. not add them. learn how to actually read.

posted: 09/9/2008 5:23 am
♥ єl яєy² ♥
4 posts

RE: What happened with friendster? Is it get worse?

Friendster is really an addiction for me.. But now, ie encountered a lot of problems! I really cant comment to my friends anymore.. What happened??.. And other more, If i want to forward my friend to my other friends, guess what? its not working! i better make this short.. hush! now its like, im already tired of updating my friendster because of that.. i hope you can fix it..

if u can fix it, please juzt email me or send me a message in my friendster accounts..

i hope someone can help me as soon as possible..

posted: 09/10/2008 9:14 pm
271 posts

RE: What happened with friendster? Is it get worse?

just be glad FS is FREE

posted: 09/11/2008 9:50 pm
13 posts

RE: What happened with friendster? Is it get worse?

Yes, a lot of things in the Internet is free.. So if they are free, they should be expecting more and more users. With this in mind, they should have been capable of keeping up with the barrage of possible FS registrations.

If they don't make things better for users, they will be shifting towards other social networking sites. That's for sure.

As I have indicated.. alot of things in the internet are free. Finding other "better and more service-oriented" sites will not be a problem.

I have just posted a topic about not being able to browse through group discussions without getting an error message. But as soon as I supposedly published the post, it does not show up?! Forums should be updated "real-time"

Bugs.. bugs.. bugs!!!


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