Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Ethan's party was over by 6pm. Together with my cousin Geng, my niece Thea and kids: Lian & Dylan went home with balloons and party goodies.

By 8, I was off to Matina Town Square to meet up with long-time friends, Lorenz and Akhe. We were there for Red Horse's Muziklaban--a battle of rock bands performing renditions of popular tracks by their favorite artists and originals. The succession of bands that played were really good showing off different styles and various musical concoction that flares authenticity.

The first two photos that I took would be those below. I was quite shy at first to turn on the flash as I didn't want to be getting unneeded attention. But the attempt was not very satisfying, and so for the sake of getting better shots, on goes the flash. And walla... see the very first photo? Magnifico, ain't it? Well, hell... I loved it. And if your a pro who thinks it's just a cheap shot, don't care.. :)

Loved the colors, colors of different hues and depth.. the beer, food, performances, and the crowd..

I also got the chance to get a good shot at my friends.. well that's what I think, hope they agree.. ;)

In the right corner... Rachelle Clemente a.k.a Akhe. Working somewhere in Luzon, one of the reasons for the night out was to get the time to be with her.

But without Akhe's coming, we, Loi and I would still have met and watched Muziklaban.

Loi, born Lorenz Flordalyn Tolentino, is another long-time friend who to my pleasurable surprise shares with me a lot of common things. From her passion for uncommon fashion, to the love of all things unique and darkly beautiful to music.

The photo below, obviously, is of me. Yes, not a very good photo of me. I won't agree if you tell me I was just not pretty that night. Hahaha For one, the timing was not right and the the photo-taker (not photographer ;)) was not just as artistic..

I also have a couple of videos but am not able yet to upload them as I've misplaced my mobile phone's cable. Too bad my battery was low, I really was not expecting to enjoy the performances that much... I was just there to see Urbandub. :)

And to end the night? Ziklabbato... but I am not to ruin the post..

Life is good and we have options. As they say, happiness is a choice... and that, I believe. It's never easy to turn your back ... and the phrase "enough is enough" will never be of the same extent for every person, especially in the case of women. And nobody can ever make that choice for us... (but us)

I've emphasized this more than once in this blog... "Love Yourself Woman!"

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