Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 20, 2008: Ethan's Birthday

Lian and Thea was invited to the attend the celebration of Ethan's third Birthday at Discovery City, NCCC Mall.

The Discovery City was once a huge fun-facility near the Victoria Plaza. I remember having to play there as a child. Now, the only thing that makes it still "the Discovery City" is the maze of play area with lots of colorful balls, slides and other fun things for kids to explore. It is now situated at the third level of the NCCC Mall with their party area to be found further into the the playing ground.

Lian can sometimes be a kill-joy, not much of a fun participant. The picture in the upper left-most was the welcome face that I got. After the meal though, her mood was a lot better. She must've just been hungry. :)


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