Monday, October 13, 2008

Better than Never to Have Loved...

"with friendships, i try not to be so "attached" because i expect too much and eradicated expectations just hurt me. hehehe."


A comment from my previous post on friendship, being a state of mind.


Hurt can also be good. We ought to get hurt to be stronger. Many people think that I am strong, and in many ways I also think I am. But what they do not know is that I am weak when it comes to friends. I could go to certain extents and can sacrifice a lot of precious things for my friends. That's what makes me a good friend and also a great spoiler at that. See where my mistake was? :) I give too much. I love too much.

This very same reason also kept me saner than most when it comes to romantic love. :) I know how crazy I can get so I never got too involved. Let the men bleed! Hehehe

Like the millions of lovefools, I sure would love to love again. Hoping that next time, whether with new friends or bridging collapsed ties with old ones, I would steer clear of the same mistake.

BTW, Loi texted me after having read the post... it was a good surprise for her... She told me things were cool.. :)


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