Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calling all eCommerce and blogging enthusiasts...

Apil ta sa panagkitang magahitabo karong 21 sa Oktubre sa Pantawan Hall, Grand Regal Hotel, Lanang, Davao City.

Libre kini apil panihapon.

Kung kamo kalibangon..
Hehehe (seryus lang kaayo)

Kung kinsa may interesado, pag-register mo diri:


Hinaut nga magkinitaay ta ninyo..


  1. janettetoral.com said...
    Hello Aweng. Thank you so much for spreading the word. See you next week!
    Aice Nice Concepts said...
    hi weng eto na un post ko about the said event

    Digital Filipino Club Group
    neolle said...
    Hello Aweng, I attended the event. It was cool. Were you there too?
    Aweng Moral-Basco said...
    *welcome ms j. it was great meeting you.


    *enjoyed the night with you. sa uulitin ice.


    hey neolle, :) yes i was there and was with my former officemate Isis. she's been more active with these kinds of networking events so you probably have seen her someewhere (that is, if you're an avid eyeballer too)

    :) yes,bongga jud and event.

    thanks for dropping by.

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