Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Helluv'an AMAZING Week: Yani in the House

This Series entitled One Helluv'an Amazing Week shares my experiences within the past week. The title was chosen to express not just it's literal sense but figurative as well. I will not just be talking of mishaps. It has been a week of extremes.

Hope you enjoy the ride.

It started out with the headaches. Headaches of having to face Internet connection issues courtesy of Smart Bro. From Friday morning, on the 17th of October, I have had none at all. And because I do not have a landline, dial-up was not an option. I was thinking of buying a pre-paid portable modem but was short on cash. AMAZING! Yes, that's the first word you'd see on the tab when accessing the SmartBro Portal. For one, with all the bad word of mouth you'd pick just about everywhere in cyberspace, and even offline, I would not have had acquired it. But this is an existing account of my ate Yang that I'm just using to fill in the lock-in period.

This went on for five days. Imagine that! It would not have been much of an issue to some but I had to work on a conitnuing project which needs to be submitted daily back then until now. And though my client was understanding it still sucked BIG time.

But even with a bad start, I tried to not get consumed with the frustration building up.

And on the 18th, Ms Diana C. Amodia, a long time friend working in Manila for ages texted me. "Musta?"

I was not expecting that she was in Davao so having been invited to go out, the answer was a ready yes. Even when the date was planned to be postponed because of the rain, we still had the chance to go out with some of her friends also visiting from Luzon.

Matina Town Square was quite crowded with the Octoberfest celebrated at about every corner. One lovely and lively night for booze. :)

We were off to part after the establishments have closed at 2am. And me and Yani went to McDo to grab some bites and chat till the sun rose. As always, talking with her was great.

Love you Yani.. Hope to be able to afford visiting you soon. Hahaha

And the week goes on...


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