Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 25, 2008
From Davao City to General Santos City

Half an hour before the clock struck 4 am, I was up and about doing the essentials. I already took a a good long shower the night before to be able to extend sleep which I really needed.. :) My hubby borrowed my pa-n' law's jeepney to get me to the Ecoland Terminal. We stopped over Victoria Plaza to fetch Isis.

At the terminal, we met up with Dante and his wifey.

After settling at our seats in a Non-Stop GenSan routed, air-conditioned bus; our travels begun. As we went, we chatted for several minutes. Throughout the trip, I dozed off every now and then.

Past seven, we dropped off of the bus at Gaisano Mall of GenSan where we took our ride from an unusually built tricycle with its very low seats. :)

Upon arrival, we took photos. The following were taken from Aice's sleek Canon digital camera:

Upon entering the venue, we were warmly welcomed by GenSan bloggers Mikko and Aethan>> hope got that spelled right. :) Both even accompanied us at the Hotel's reception area to inquire for available rooms.


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