Thursday, October 30, 2008

By eight in the morning, we logged out f the Border's Inn and headed to Jollibee. :p I would have wanted something local in Tagum but my Hubby Jologs discouraged having meals at local eateries. He has not still gotten over the amoebiasis that he acquired from doing so. I don't think eating out though was not safe. He just got unlucky that day.

After filling up our tummies, we headed to their (his and his coworkers') boarding house to leave the van. We had to stop at Panabo to do some work. The photo above was taken in the deteriorating park of Panabo City with the old buildings still under renovation. Then to the Terminal.

Isis and I ought to see each other at the Ecoland Terminal by 1pm. We had to rearrange the schedule again and again until we made up our minds to see each other instead at 4am for our trip to General Santos.

Arriving at the Davao Terminal, Hubby and I flagged the first jeepney going to SM. Had a hearty meal at Rai Rai Ken. The food was great even with its cost. The service was not as attentive though specially when you have already finished ordering, trying to call the attention of anyone can be difficult. And you still had to wait a good deal of time too before you could eat.

And because it was my Hubby's birthday... I got myself an Acer One. Hahaha

Just kidding.

I have long since planned to have a mobile device that I could use for my freelancing work. So that I could work even if I have something to attend to. :D And my husband urged me to take one right then and there since we were already browsing through the computer stores. No I did not have the money but as always, credit card comes in handy. I charged the cost to my credit line with a payment term of 12 months installment.

And I also forgot to mention that I also got the SmartBro portable modem. Since only two providers sell one of these thingies, I had to go for Smart with the wider Network Coverage they have which is vital as the modem utilizes 3G signal.

Arriving home, we again packed the kids' things for their weekend at my in-laws place in Bajada.


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