Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Helluv'an AMAZING Week: Happy Birthday Jojo

Coming home from Makro, I immediately packed my things as well as the kids'. Lian and Dylan spent the night at my cousin Gelli's house whom I thought would not agree on adopting both :) I arrived at Tagum City terminal around eight o'clock...

October 23, 2008
Tagum City

I have had many travels in the past but it was the first time that I had to go and commute to some 'not-so-familiar' place all by myself. Well I've done it when I went to Samal earlier the year but that was just like minutes away and I am already quite acquainted to the place.

By the time I arrived, it was past dinner time so we, my husband who I often dearly refer to as Hubby Jologs and I, went to have barbeque. The barbeque place was a humbler version of Malativaas but the smoking stalls were uniquely in array occupying an entire street. There was also a branch of McDonalds nearby. We went in to use the comfort room as well as buy ourselves dessert but as of eight thirty, they're already out of stock. Amazing? :)

After dinner, since the City Hill was just steps away, we wandered around. At the rear of the building were a vast recreation and event area with a stage. Teens, couples and average workers winding up dot the surrounding area. Lamp posts shaped in butterflies flanked the place. One eye-catching feature is a fountain simply churning out streams of water highlighted by colorful lights which was a popular playing/bathing site for children by day.

I was really excited to get to immerse myself in the city's nightlife. Though not as vibrant with that of Davao's every place that we've visited were interesting. The Golden City is like a complex of establishments. Though many of the businesses were closed by that time, the atmosphere was made lively by the live band playing at the inner area. (I'm not good at remembering names actually so please bear with me.) The tables within were amply spaced making it not as crowded even if all the tables were filled. The band that time was ok, well not as impressive to my taste. But unluckily they did not serve beers if not taken by buckets. So off we went as I was planning to roam around and get to experience several nightspots. Also in the Golden City were the disco, bowling alley, etc.

While having dinner, we were discussing where to go. He mentioned the places that he and his buddy agents go to to have some good time. He suggested that we go to karaoke bars since I loved to sing. Not far from the Golden City was the Dip SHot. The subtitle really got my attention.. 'Family and Resto Bar' as I've known Family KTV's but not Family Resto Bars. Or am I just not as exposed to these night places?

Inside, the palce was small as well as the stage you'd really feel the performance as while singing, you'll get to enjoy lighting effects and even some drama brought by stage smoke (solid ice). :)

This second bar is another branch of the first from where we had just spent time. The resto-bar was far more spacious than that of the first but the stage had less effects.

After enjoying some good rounds of beer and songs, we decided to call it a night. We headed to the Border's Inn , one of those drive-in motels. Typically, the room came with all those mirrors, and of course, hot shower. And another atypical thing was a copy of The Holy Bible set on top of one of the table-drawers. :) Well, its a common thing to find this kind of a book at any lodging establishment. But for most of the the kind that are obviously meant to serve as sex havens, if there ever was a bible, it would not be as visible as that. No blasphemous message intended. It was just one of those unusual things...


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