Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One Helluv'an AMAZING Week: Lian's Field Trip

Here are photos of my daughter's Field Trip. Because I too, have several out-of-town plans, I have had to leave it to my sister Vessie to accompany Lian throughout the trip.

October 23, 2008
Field Trip of Kinder I and II pupils of Matina Baptist Child Care and Learning Center
Stops: Philippine Eagle in Malagos and Forest Hill Resort

The day before the trip, I took Lian to NCCC Mall after fetching her from class. We went there to buy new jogging pants as the pupils were required to be in P.E. uniform.

The duo, my sister Vessie and my pretty Lian, left home by eight in the morning to meet up with the group gathered at school. Also there were my cousin Charisse Jade Bueza in Kinder I and my uncle Jojo (Lazaro Bueza Jr.) And the pictures tell it all...

See ^^ Lian won a prize. Hahaha. I felt really good knowing that she participated in some game and bagged a piece of small chocolate bar. She has this issues with mingling with other kids and I'm glad she's slowly overcoming that.

About 3 in the afternoon, me, my mom, cousin Gelli, niece Brylle and Nanay went to Forest Hill to fetch them. My pogi was crying because he also wanted to take a splash but we were not supposed to make use of the pool since we did not pay, telling the guard we were just there to fetch my kid. But still, my indulgent Mama Tit's sent her apos to the pool without paying. Hahaha. Grandparents are truly great spoilers, aren't they?

From there we headed to Makro. We were using the new Adventure of my Aunt, Te Helen, and so we were invited to some exhibit room of Aowa in the possible reason that the people there must've thought we were rich. Hahaha. I was even chosen to be one of the "lucky" product endorsers. But to be so, you would have to purchase something and the cheapest they have costed like 37K. DUH!? Hehehe. Out we went and into Makro to buy things.

Back home past 4 so I just have like less than a couple of hours to pack and head to Tagum. See next post ;)


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