Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I have written in my earlier post that the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers' Summit will be the first ever event hosted by an online community that I 'will be' attending. But days after the post, logging into my YM account led me to a linked status message pointing to another post about this event. And the rest was glorious history...

October 21, 2008
Pantawan Hall, Grand Regal Hotel
Lanang, Davao City

Glorious indeed. I consider myself very lucky to have gone to that event, making it my first. But even with no other previous experiene of this kind, I could still say it was one bonggang-bonggang event. I honestly am not very fond of eyeball thingies but this just got me thinking of the delicious treats that I've been missing.

I went there with Isis and former officemates. Having spent some fun time with them sure made the night more enjoyable. Dante got lucky and won a 500 peso worth of betting certificate which was lost on the table in the blink of an eye. Hehehe.

The venue, talks, buffet, freebies, and interesting people were fantabulous. And what better way to wrap the night up with great music and overflowing free booze? ;) The Chivas bottles emptied out quickly leaving fundador, red wine and lotsa beer for us.

These two photos courtesy of Ice9Web

Isis and I also bought each a copy of Ms Janette Toral's Blogging at Home with a signed message from Ms J herself.

I would like to thank Engr. Cesar Noel S. QuiƱon for several photos including that of me and Ms Janette.


  1. Aice Nice Concepts said...
    wow mabuti ka pa meron kana copy sa pics with tita Janette ako wala pa hayzzz

    ganda ng pictures natin ha (^_^)
    Aweng Moral-Basco said...
    i agree ganda jud ang mga pics n2.. :)

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