Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amazing Kids Photo Contest

Last Saturday, Lian and I went to New Jersey Studio at the second level of the NCCC Mall. I have seen an ad on the Amazing Kids Photo Contest while buying grocery last week and bought some participating products to avail of a slot.

While waiting for her turn, we busied ourselves, browsing through the displays of the nearby furniture displays.. taking photos..

Lian in action, while having her photos taken:

Here are her photos:

I sure hope she gets picked.

:) Maybe this'll mark the start of my career as a stage mother. :))


  1. Keith said...
    indeed these are lovely kids... who knows what the future holds?
    I appreciate you blogging. God bless.
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...

    She is lovely.. yes. I am glad she is slowly gaining confidence as grows.

    God bless you too.


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