Friday, November 28, 2008

Bleeding Love

No I'm not bleeding love at all.. I just love this song. And Leona Lewis is pretty too. :)

I have been hearing this but the song really got to me when I heard a remix of it played while watching a dance contest. It was back when Lian and I had her photo taken.

Here's a video a got embedded with lyrics. Enjoy..

Just audio. The embed option for the video was disabled but you can watch it on YouTube if you wish..

Bleeding Love

Lyrics | Leona Lewis lyrics - Bleeding Love lyrics

It was also just recently that I knew about Leona Lewis. I read somewhere that the British star needs to spice up her image tending towards a sexier one to be a US hit. For me, either way, she's beautiful. And if she decides to go sexy, I think she has what it takes.. I could just imagine how hot she'll look.. Tsssss...

I have thought that the song was a revival because if the melodramatic nature of the lyrics.

:) But nevertheless everything about it is worth listening to..


  1. Aice Nice Concepts said...
    yeah! maganda nga un song niya i was singing along with it (^_^)
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    lagi bago lng nq napansin pro dugay na jud cya na release..


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