Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Weekend: A Belated Post

As with most posts, late napud... :)..

Anyways... When I was younger, Halloween was one of my favorite times of the year other than Christmas and my birthday.. :) Through those years, the Memorial Park along with the rest of Davao's cemeteries would seem to be having a fiesta. Our tent were among those that would be set up many days ahead to make sure we maximize the space surrounding the burial areas of our loved ones. We'd bring along booming sound systems care of Kuya Jojo, t.v, even videoke. And food was more than enough to fill leverybody up with the ususal All Soul's Day putahe: mechado, suman, sandwiches and more.. It has become a childhood tradition now vanished.. I miss those days...

October 31, 2008

Me and my kids with the rest of the usual gang
tagged along while my mama and nanay went to Davao Memorial Park to check on the built tent. It was nearly 5 in the afternoon but the traffic seemed to be just like the normal late afternoon traffic flow with the exeption of the already closed-for-public-transport avenues.

Because the 31st was not declared a holiday, the
cemetery was not as busy with most of the people probably stillb on their way home from school or the office.

Not much to do, but many stalls to buy from.. The aroma of barbeque, pizza, and the whole lot of food served near the chapel wafts through the fresh afternoon air.

After some time spent there, we headed to the still under costruction Davao Baywalk or SeaWall. Now, the site already has two paved entrances with many features inside undergoing expansion.

We spent sometime strolling along the paved roads where the strong waves of the Davao Gulf crashes. The replica of the Little Mermaid was moved from its former spot and now dominates the left most parts of the sea. Near the golden mermaid were cute dolphins seeming to want to dive back into the dark waters. Beyond was still a stretch of piled up boulders. I even heard some people talking speculating that the Baywalk might just be where the very much talked about bridge to connect Davao City and the Island Garden City of Samal begins. But the information was just probably that... hearsays.

We also got busy eating. Above (left) is a photo of my golden boy, Dylan munching on yellow corn. And of course, a visit to Sea Wall would not be complete without having to take a picture of David and his golden balls.. :)

We (Hubby Jologs and I) had plans that night to bring the kids to Davao Memorial but the weather was not as cooperative. As soon as we got dressed, rain started to pour and it went like that until Lian and Dylan were already in deep slumber.

November 1, 2008

We, the four-some, decided to go to Davao Memorial Park after having dinner. Everything started out pretty well. With only Tulip Drive as the nearest dislodging place, we had to walk some good distance to the cemetery. While walking, I took the first photo of the night.. and that was of me and Lian with her red, glowing horns. Along the way to the entrance, we bought candles, a match and lighted swords. By then, a light drizzle was already felt and soon after, rain again poured. We had to stay at the office where the majority of the CRs were. About an hour later, as the rain was slowly diminishing, I decided to just go along and light the candles but was unable to to past the flood with all the garbage going along with the high waters so I went to the chapel to let the candles burn while I said a silent prayer.

For a while, we spent several minutes at the huge tent built at the center of the intersection to serve as the Information Center. It also had a shake stall where we bought one each. We got busy freezing our brains while waiting for the rain to go away.. :)

We finally got out of the cemetery and headed to Whaw! Matina to enjoy another round of dinner before heading home.


  1. Darlyn said...
    what a wonderful Halloween celebration.. family outing and bonding :D

    7 waterfalls na xa te... murag kambal man daw ni sila na waterfalls kay makita xa sa isa lng ka area.. less than 10.00/each ata ang entrance fee per falls...
    Aweng Moral-Basco said...
    :D salamat..

    makasuroy unta q dra puhon..


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