Tuesday, November 4, 2008

After the 2MBS, we (Isis, I and Darlyn) ought to have headed to where we were supposed to stay. But I separated ways with them to go to Gaisano Mall of Gensan. Though I also wanted to see what the mall was like, the main reason for going there was to buy an adaptor.

Typically Gaisano... Yes, most everything about its interior from the flooring, stairs and others is reminiscent of the old Gaisano buildings in Davao. I even had the urge to peek at their City Walk area wondering if they too have this shop that sells from realistic gun-toys to naughty crinkets and sex parafernalias. :) Wala.. Hehehe

I also bought myself another headband and 2 pairs of great-finds.. earings.

At our room, Isis and I freshened up. I took a quick shower and dressed. On our way back to the Family Country Hotel for the Sashimi Night Cocktails, I remembered that my ID was not with me. Alone again, I dropped off to take another tricycle which is the main mode of transportation in Gensan.

The tricycle already had two people in it so it had to go into the residential streets. I was reminding the driver now and then where I needed to be brought to. It was lightly raining and I was not accustomed to the avenues. Because the ride was quite getting too long, I got off where I thought Sleep Inn would be. I heard from someone that it was near a Chicken House and Jollibee. And... the inn was not to be found..

Surprise.. Surprise..


I asked around but the first two people amazingly did not know where M avenue was not even the street we were currently on. :) Dayo. Then I found someone to point me to the right direction.

And here was the reason why I missed the Sashimi Night Cocktails.. Kasuya.. And the funny thing was, IDs were not necessarily checked.. The experience though was Lingaw. ;)


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