Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Isis and I went back to Sleep Inn quite early to be able to take a good rest for the upcoming tour. But we didn't realize we nearly chatted the night away.

Anyways, please bear with the photos. Just got them through my cellphone.

Half-Day Tour and last day in Gensan
October 26, 2008
Gensan Fishport, Sarangani Highlands, Pacquiao Residence

Isis got up earlier. While she was going on with her morning rituals, I stole some minutes to catch up with sleep. After her, I took another fast turn in the bathroom doing the essentials to get ready for the day. We got our things already packed before we got out of the Inn. Though the time was already 7, we had our breakfast at Jollibee. While at it, we were discussing our fall-back plan in case we don't make it at the tour. (Gathering time 7?!) Hehehe. We were thinking of just wandering around by ourselves.

We unhurriedly just went to Family Country Hotel to just check and was not expecting the group to still be there. Another surprise... they were.

First stop, Gensan Fish Port. We were held for a while at the entrance because the security were still checking with their superiors. Several times, many years back, the port was still open to the public and anyone wanting go through the site could.

Next stop... the breathtaking Sarangani Highlands. And I'm not just talking figurative here. Everything about the place from the beautifully manicured grounds, the exotic blooms, the designs, the themed facilities, and the views from atop down into the lush greeneries of the surrounding areas delicately fringed with the sparkling waters of Gensan.

Just for fun, see the photo at the right? Yes, a wonderful collection of fantabulous cacti. Now, spot the penis.


No that was not a joke. There really is. Well, that according to someone who shared this interesting bit of info with us who were photographing the plants.

Third and last stop was the grand home of the world-famous boxer, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Every corner of the house emanates with luxury. Though typical in design, every detail screams of money. Yes, from the concrete slab that you step upon to the sleek roofing. We toured only the outside, and the wow-factor was already high.. that leaves much work for the imagination what the interior could have looked like. The patio had an outdoor bar with the walls studded with Manny's winning photos in frame. A small swimming pool leads further into a garage/building where several expensive cars and motorcycles were parked. Each of us got one calendar featuring Manny and his family. The first person I thought of was my mother-in-law. I was sure she would have loved to hang the calendar in her home.

Before heading to the hotel, we were given the chance to buy tuna-licious pasalubong at Pacific Seas. I would have bought if I had extra but nada..

From there, one of the service vans offered to drop by Sleep Inn since many of us were staying there. Logged out and went to G-mall. :) We strolled for a while, looking for Isis's McDo and ended up with Spazio.

The ambiance and food were great and was amazingly inexpensive. So we each had a slice of sumptuous cake with our meals. Took several hours for us to dine with the free Wi-Fi. ;) And by 4pm, we were on the bus to Davao..

I was planning to nap the whole trip but small chitchats turned to longer talk and so Isis and I talked our way to Davao. :)

By 7pm, we dropped off at SM where I got Ice into a cab and I went straight into Jollibee where my kids and hubby awaits. They just watched Highschool Musical 3 which Lian and Dylan obviously enjoyed.

Great end for one helluv'an amazing week...


  1. Aice Nice Concepts said...
    wow nice pictures from your cybershot camera ha (^_^)
    thanks for this post parang bida man ta diri oi (^_^)
    Aweng Moral-Basco said...
    :) walay laing magbida.. hehehe tagai q copy sa pics from ur cam ha... ;)
    lurins said...
    laag laag ang aweng ay!

    got all the time now weng?

    i sooo envy you. papalit ug oras beh.. :)

    god bless weng.
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    dah! palit ka oras?


    damo man pud ka wawart..

    for sure mas dako na imo sweldo pagfinish nimo study. qualify nka taas rango. :)

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