Friday, December 26, 2008

Kay Sigla ng Gabi..

Dec. 24, 2008 had been a full day. A lot of tasks got me busy even through the days before the Noche Buena.

It's not every year that I get to take part in the Christmas rush especially never before have I braved going with the crowd on the actual day. And that day, I got the chance to come aboard and feel the rush... of anticipation not only of the celebration but of getting past the counter. :) What I bought? Barbecue sticks, marshmallows, and Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdogs... Hahaha. Two birds with one stone. Yes, I got my humble share of dish for the rest to enjoy on the Noche Buena table and I also got to vote for Allysa in the Amazing Kids Photo Contest. :)

After hours in the hustle and bustle, I got home wet from the rain (even if I had an umbrella). Crammed with finishing things up: wrapping gifts, tidying our place a little, helping with the preparations upstairs, preparing my kids' things for the party, and just getting everything ready before me, my hubby and kids went to my in-laws' place.

Hubby, Jonathan Basco, and Dylan went to SM for another round of Christmas rush. Thankfully, my Lian was still taking her afternoon nap, giving me an excuse not scramble to get ready. By the time she woke up, everything was ready but us. So we got on with out girlie rituals and got to my already impatient boys.. :)

After a good time spent on hailing a cab, we finally got to Bajada and joined my in-laws to attend mass. Peace and love... that was the theme of the preachings and of course how the holidays came about. By the time we were back at Bajada, it was already past 9.. my sisters and mama were already texting...

Like every other Filipino family, this time has become a traditional get-together for the Bueza clan. And through the years, the younger generation of the family has been trying to think of ways to make the celebration as lively. On the night of the Noche Buena--the night welcoming the coming Christmas Day, we had a costume party...

The favorite "handa" of Filipinos according to the SWS survey is none other than the "Lechon" (roasted whole pig)...

It is indeed a favorite which also goes with my family. See the a photo taken with the lechon before we arrived..

And the pictures below was what was left of it when we arrived.

Merry Christmas everyone... hope you have a blast this coming New Year.. (not literally) hohoho...

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  1. Aice Nice Concepts said...
    wow! napaka-Sigla nga ng Gabi (^_^)

    musta na elvs I already made a post about our MTS fever

    medyo late na nga na post

    anyway better late than never


    nga pala I did went to cats and dogs :)

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