Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trip to the Hill: Matina and Beyond

Looking back...

Last December 6, me and my family had another sight-seeing trip, we visited a quaint subdivision, way up Matina Shrine.

Enjoy the photos.. as we've enjoyed the trip..

The first set of photos were taken from Dencio's at Hilltop and beyond... Have never wandered further before and I never knew the views were amazing.. until then.

Crossing Diversion Road, we went through the array of TV networks along Shrine Hills..

I've had my K800i for over a year now.. But I have not actually taken the time to give credit to its CyberShot feature..

Great services/products will never be overlooked and sooner or later, the product itself will serve as the greatest advertising tool. Sony Ericsson rocks!

I've already taken tens of hundreds of photos, still and moving. And the results amaze me.. :) Salamat Cybershot!

We also went to visit my Ate Yang's currently-under-renovation place in Puan but I was left in the multicab to look over Sleeping Beauty..

We also went to a new subdivision in Toril and took a good look at the area.. If I had the money, I would have gotten a spot.. See how beautiful the houses were.. An epitomy of mini-luxuries

More blast from the past to come... (meaning: late posts hehehe)


  1. selee said...
    sorry for sa late rep..
    wla na nko napansin mga comments sa mga old posts until last night!
    friends pud mo ni loi?..
    or i suppose taga up pud ka!
    salamat sa laptop na daghan og dikit2!

    i've checked out your blogs, since dri ang naa pinaklatest na post dri na lng ko nag comment!
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...
    dli q tga up, :)

    loi and I've been friends way back hi-skul..


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