Monday, December 8, 2008


As stubborn as a mule...

I have failed many times and once again I have put myself in a situation that battered my being.

I am sick. I've always been and I've got to end the madness before it consumes and takes away the real core of Aweng.

I am glad to have a God. I could never have gotten past and up every fall. I know I have never been the best daughter to Him, and acknowledging Him in these times just shows how ungrateful I am. But again, as each time, I vow to be better.

I thank you Lord for giving me the courage now and I pray that I could muster as much as needed.

I deserve every inch that aches...

It has always been said that "KNOWING" could be a curse or a blessing.

Maybe it lies on how you accept it.

I choose to be blessed! I choose to be better! I choose to love and be loved! I choose not to hate!

I choose to see the good in others and I pray that they, too, see what lies within... behind every word... beyond every act...


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