Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things and events that I have not covered yet...

From way back the 20th of December, hubby and I attended his office's Christmas Party. Everything went cool until, by the end of the party, two of his office mates ended the night with a fight. :)

Nevertheless, the night was ok. With hubby, Jojo, 'bagging' two bags from the yearly raffle. Not bad (last year he got an umbrella.. eh.. eh.. eh). From his manito, he received a set of pillow cases and bed sheet.

After Christmas, I also got the chance to see Isis and enjoy exchanging gifts with her. I got a parfum concentrate, and I got her a polo shirt of cool green and pink stripes. :) Because my kid was not quite in good condition that night, I had to cut the event short and went home by 11.

The Reggae bands featured at Taboan, MTS that night included the one with which another former officemate-Jason was a part of. The music was really good, matched by an energetic and participative crowd. See Isis's site for a short clip of the band.

BTW, the latter two photos, I got from Isis's website. Salamat (miski wala nananghid) hehehe


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