Friday, January 9, 2009

December 28, 2009 marked the celebration of the Jina's birthday as well as Vaugn's christening. Even with a blurry head, having slept little, me and the kids off to a great start, attending the 9 o'clock mass at the church in GSIS. We went there together with Ate Inday and her children, DinDin and Raffy.

By the time we got home, everything was ready: food, tables and chairs and the videoke setup. But the celebrants and the guests have not yet arrived. Taking advantage of the sound system, my pogi--Dylan got himself busy with the music system.

Another mark of improvement in my pretty girl's self esteem got me really glad. She now sings even with guests around. :D But the problem is, it needs to be a duet. But I think, gradual improvements make achievements so much sweeter. I await the day when she makes my cry tears of pride. Love you babies. ;)


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