Friday, January 9, 2009

Every last day of the year, I make it a point to enjoy some changes. Its not about anything superstitious, its simply fun and what better time to do them than the turning of a New Year? Of course, the holiday promotions are great opportunities to take advantage of. Don't you think?

Had my nails done in hot metallic blue (as chosen by pretty Lian). I also had Lian's hair treated, due to the insistence of the hairdresser. :) My purplish red hair costed me lessthan 50 pesos. Hahaha. Just bought some cheap hair at the supermarket and wallah!

While killing boredom, I enjoyed some time with my hubby-- tailing along while he was doing some errand. Now how exciting is that? Hahaha. We got his pop a bottle of Fundador. Cruised through the northern parts of the city to buy toothbrushes. ; p And got home to continue our quest with killing time to await the coming of 2009.

One of the things I try not to forget to bring along when spending some time at my in-law's is a book. Sleeping Murder by Agatha Christie got me through several great minutes of just lounging around enjoying the read while lavishing on the fresh night air.

I have long since wanted to learn the art of make up but have failed miserably... at trying that is. This is me after another failed attempt, hehehe...

Had to erase the stuff coz I looked quite comic with them on.

This was how we spent the days after the New Year, with our last stop at the mall to watch iSkul Bukol...


  1. thisisGod'sdaughter said...
    yay!!happy family!good job, weng!im proud of you!
    Aweng Moral - Basco said...

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