Friday, March 6, 2009

Francis M. - Dead!

After years of bravely fighting Leukemia, I just heard from a News Flash that Francis Magallona has died. Searching through the Internet for more News, I found none. None yet anyway.

Francis M. was among the greatest Pinoy rappers of all time who has proven to be more than just a musician but a true blue artist and advocate of many things that he believes in. His songs speak of nationalism, life and love; in upbeats. He was also made famous by his literal 'baby' face.

I was not really planning on writing a post today, but somehow, hearing the news prompted me to do so. It's not just the 'death'. It's about this amazing person that I have come to know, growing up watching Eat Bulaga. :) The fun, music and just everything about Francis M. that brought forth new meanings to important words will live on. A rightful legacy...

Here's a video I would like to share. It's one of his songs which has become an all-time favorite...

Kaleidoscope - Francis M. w/ Parokya Ni Edgar

Unfortunately the original MUsic Video does not allow embed option, but if you still want to view, see it HERE.


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